Федерико Бонтемпи

Федерико Бонтемпи

региональный директор, Россия и СНГ, GEODATA S.p.a.
Mr. Bontempi is a Structural Engineer graduated in Polytechnic of Milan in July 2004 with the Thesis ''a modular submerged foundation for the support of the mobile gates for the Venice lagoon protection '' and he is currently the Deputy Regional Director of Europe Region and the Regional Director of Russian Federation and CIS of Geodata Engineering S.p.A.
Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved on complex engineering projects related to metro, road, railway, and hydraulic works both in Italy and worldwide. After an initial experience in Italy he was progressively devoted to the development of international projects mainly involving underground works, such us the ‘’Electrical supply double track project North-Padang Pesar to Ipoh’’ (Malaysia), the Combined highway and railway Adler-Krasnaya Poliana Corridor for 2014 Winter Olympic Games (Russia), the north-south section (UG1) of Bangalore Metro (India).
He works from 2012 in Moscow being involved on several project of metro in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg, transit oriented development and also hydropower plant.
He covers also additional technical and managerial positions; for example actually, he is the technical director for the Preliminary, Detailed and Construction Design of the Design And Build contract of the Green Line metro in Tel Aviv (Israel).
The main goal of his work is to be a part of important urban transformation projects being involved in a lot of Metro projects: Turin, Bologna, Rome, São Paulo do Brazil, Tel Aviv, Bangalore Moscow and Saint Petersburg. His area of expertise ranges from geotechnics to architecture, guaranteeing a wide range of design vision, while his international experience is the link of a multicultural approach.

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