КОНЦЕРТНАЯ ПРОГРАММА: В РИТМЕ ГОРОДА. Боснийский аккордеонист Марио Баткович, Fogh Depot и секретный гость

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Название: КОНЦЕРТНАЯ ПРОГРАММА: В РИТМЕ ГОРОДА. Боснийский аккордеонист Марио Баткович, Fogh Depot и секретный гость
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Дата и время начала:  21.07.2018 20:00:00
Дата и время конца:  21.07.2018 23:00:00
Детальное описание:  Хедлайнером первого дня станет виртуозный боснийский аккордеонист Марио Баткович, предлагающий нетривиальный взгляд на традиционный инструмент, столь близкий русской культуре. Камерную инструментальную линию в этот день продолжит московское трио Fogh Depot, балансирующее между томной неоклассикой, хитросплетенным джазом и изобретательной электроникой.
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This year, the musical portion of Moscow Urban Forum will be held on Zaryadye park's main stage from July 21–22. The concert programme takes as its focus MUF 2018’s key topic: "Connecting Generations". All the programme's leading performers bridge the gap between the public: appealing to both the active younger generation with its dynamic search for new impressions, and their parents, who already have their own established music preferences.

The first day's headliner is Bosnian virtuoso accordionist Mario Batković, who’s new take on the traditional musical instrument so dear to Russian culture is a breath of fresh air. Later in the day, the chamber music excitement continues with Fogh Depot, a Moscow trio finding the balance between languid neoclassicism, fanciful jazz and creative electronic music.

Mario Batković is a Bosnian composer and accordionist based in Switzerland. Mario reinterprets this classical instrument, imbuing it with a new energy and notably expanding its range of sound. If you close your eyes during a Batković show, you’ll find it hard to even believe the melodic roulades you’re hearing are from an accordion. In the virtuosic hands of this Bosnian musician, the accordion changes its color like a chameleon to fit the circumstances: listeners are treated to the whole gamut of synthesizer futurism, powerful pipe organs, and even the profound intensity of a baritone saxophone.

Batković's signature style ranges from neoclassicism and ambient to minimalist and avant-garde. In describing his performances, music journalists and critics have already drawn a close analogy between his work and that of iconic contemporary composers such as Philip Glass, Nils Frahm, and Colin Stetson.

Спикеры:  Марио Баткович
Тип мероприятия:  Музыка